Presentations 2016

Presentations 2016

Keynote lectures

Onno van de Stolpe, CEO Galapagos NV »»

Denis Doeland, Owner DDMCA »»

Venture Challenge

Chrétien Herben, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Health~Holland »»

Investors Forum

Robbert-Jan de Lang, Partner EP&C »»

Ron Dirks Ph.D., CEO ZF-Screens B.V. »» 

Wouter Markus, CEO Haermonics »»

Cross-sector innovations and business

Karin Verzijden, Attorney at law Axon Lawyers »»

Erik Dam, CBO Nutrileads »»

Jeroen Cammeraat, CEO i-OPTICS »»

Precision Medicines and technologies

dr. Jon Moore, Chief Scientific Officer Horizon Discovery Ltd »»

Stef Schutte, VP Regulatory Astellas »»

Next generation therapeutics and technologies

Anja van de Stolpe MD (internist np) PhD, Fellow Philips Research (Philips Group Innovation) »»

Jos Joore, Managing Director Mimetas BV »»

Mark de Boer, Gadeta BV »»

René Raggers, Dutch & European Patent Attorney (associate partner) EP&C »»

New business models

Pieter Gaillard, co-founder | CEO 2-BBB Medicines BV »»

dr. Jos Seegers, CCO MyMicroZoo »»

Kees van der Graaf, Chairman of the Board of FSHD Unlimited, Facio Therapies »»

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