The foremost life sciences business network event in the Netherlands

With more than 450 life sciences companies the Dutch Life Sciences sector has doubled in size during the last decades. About 380 Dutch life sciences products are currently in the clinical pipeline and in 2015 a record of private investments were made in the sector. Together with a very strong scientific background it makes the Dutch industry a major European player with great economic- and societal impact. The Dutch Life Sciences conference is hosted by organisations and companies whose mission is to help realize the further development and growth of the Dutch life sciences industry.

The 14th edition of the Dutch Life Sciences conference will take place at the Leiden Bio Science Park on November 29th, 2018.  The goal of the conference is to inspire and promote an open exchange of information including trends and developments in the industry.

The programme consists of plenary sessions and workshops, an investors forum, active networking possibilities and an information market. In addition the winner of the Venture Challenge Award will be announced.

Advisory committee 2017

- Carine van den Brink, Partner Axon Lawyers
- Anne Bruinvels, FounderPx HealthCare
- Andrea van Elsas, Director Aduro Biotech Europe and VP Research at AM Pharma
- René Raggers, Associate Partner EP&C
- Mirjam Mol, Director Pivot Park
- Leon Mur, Director Iventus
- Ernst Nagel, Operations Director Health~Holland
- Richard Nieuwenhuizen, Senior relationmanager ABN AMRO
- Tom Würdinger, Professor VUmc

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