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´Innovations and new business strategies in Dutch Life Sciences´

  • 08:00

    CxO breakfast meeting: for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CBOs active in the life sciences sector

    The Dutch Life Sciences conference will start with a breakfast session which is organised in collaboration with The Entrepreneurs Association Bio Science Park. The Breakfast try to spur informal networking so that people can build stronger networks and help identify opportunities and individuals they can work with to advance ideas. During the breakfast new members of the Leiden Bio Science Park business community will introduce themselves.

    Limited places are available and only to MT members from (R&D) life sciences companies who are attending the conference.

  • 08:00

    Investors forum part 1 - breakfast session -

    Hosted by Johnson & Johnson Innovation

    The investors forum is an exciting opportunity for those companies looking for equity capital and/or partnerships with companies and institutes across the life sciences value chain, from biotech, medtech and pharma companies to financiers and universities. The forum offers excellent opportunities for presenting your company or university to Venture Capitalists, corporate- and regional investment funds and to discuss your business strategy.

  • 08:45


    Present your company, products, technology or service. Open from 08:45 till 18:30 hours.

  • 09:30

    Plenary opening programme

    hosted by the Entrepreneurs Association Bio Science Park 

    Welcome by our chair Eveline van Rijswijk and opening by Hans Schikan PharmD, Member Topteam Dutch Top Sector for Life Sciences and Health

    • ´Fundraising- , M&A- and spin-off trends in the Life Sciences industry´

      Jan De Kerpel, Managing Director - Head Life Sciences & Healthcare Kempen & Co will provide insights into the public market and M&A trends in the life sciences sector,  more specifically from the areas covered during the breakout sessions including digital health, supply chain, mRNA therapeutics and regenerative medicines. Insights are also presented on the Life Sciences spin-offs that were established in 2021.

    • ´Entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands´

      Discussion led by Eveline Rijswijk regarding the Dutch Life Sciences business climate with panel members

      Hans Schikan, Member Topteam Dutch Top Sector for Life Sciences and Health
      Bas Reichert, Chairman OVBSP Leiden BioSciencePark
      Kinga Matuła, CEO & Co-founder QurieGen

    • Venture Challenge

      Hosted by Health~Holland

      The winner of the Venture Challenge Fall 2022 will be announced!

  • 10:50


    Time for networking and to visit the exhibition.

  • 11:30

    Parallel morning sessions

    Digital Healthcare: lessons learned and challenges ahead

    Hosted by QbD Group

    Presentations by:
    Igor Excelmans, Pharmaceutical Consultant at QbD
    ir. Holger Willems, Co-Founder & CEO at Relu
    Paul van de Wiel, PhD, CEO InnoSIGN

    Supply chain challenges and strategies

    Hosted by QAD

    Presentations by:
    Peter Jones, Business Consultant at QAD
    Drs. Erik Agterhuis, Owner & Founder Life Cell Science Supply Chain Consultancy: Dedicated to Biotech & ATMP
    Nils Demanet, Commercial Lead Health & Life Sciences and Quentin Braet, Architecture Lead at In The Pocket

    Spin-out strategies

    Hosted by Axon Lawyers

    Speakers and panellists:
    Ivo de Nooijer, Owner AMLUG
    Annemiek Verkamman, Managing Director HollandBIO
    Marc van Moorsel, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at TargED Biopharmaceuticals
    Rianne Ellenbroek, Investment Manager FIRST fund at BioGeneration Ventures

  • 12:45


    Time for networking and to visit the exhibition.

  • 14:00

    Parallel afternoon programme

    Towards the production of your first medicinal product

    Hosted by Progress

    Presentations by:
    Frank van Engelenburg, Managing Consultant Progress
    Lex Bakker PhD, EVP, Chief Development Officer at Merus NV
    Markwin Velders, Managing Director Prime Life Science

    RNA therapeutics: scientific breakthroughs, challenges and business strategies

    Hosted by Pivot Park

    Presentations by:
    Rob Collin, Professor Molecular Therapies for Inherited Retinal Diseases at Radboudumc
    Dr. Eric van der Veer, Chief Scientific Officer at Hybridize Therapeutics
    Sander van Asbeck MSc, CEO RiboPro

    Regenerative medicines: bringing regenerative technology of the future to patients today

    Hosted by PwC

    Presentations by:
    Peter de Haan, CSO and co-founder at Amarna Therapeutics
    Tol Trimborn, CEO CellPoint
    Bernard Mulder, General Director at Regmed XB

  • 15:15


    Time for networking and to visit the exhibition.

  • 16:00

    Plenary closing programme

    • Wrap up conference

    • Announcement winner Investors Forum

      The winner of the Investors Forum will be awarded a partnering ticket, national or international with a total value of EUR 2,500 and will present their pitch.

    • ´What if our everyday objects are alive?´

      by Ir. Bob Hendrikx, owner Studio Hendrikx | Loop Biotech

      Bob Hendrikx is exploring a living future. What if our everyday products are alive? We live in a world in which a dead tree has more value than a living tree. Let's change that. We strive for a fundamental new relationship with the natural world. What if we no longer work with dead materials, but with living organisms? Imagine buildings that grow, breathe and heal themselves. This talk takes you beyond the limits of your imagination by turning science-fiction into reality.

  • 17:15


    Drinks, bites, networking and visit the exhibition!

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