Pitching company Cantoni Therapeutics in the spotlight

Pitching company Cantoni Therapeutics in the spotlight

Investors, grab the opportunity to meet up with the most promising startups in the industry at the Dutch Life Sciences conference on December 7, in Leiden.

We are excited to announce one of these startups: Dr. Mathijs van Haren PhD, co-founder and project manager at Cantoni Therapeutics as a pitch participant at the Forum. The startup is a biopharmaceutical spinout company from the University of Leiden (NL).

Cantoni Therapeutics focuses on the development of inhibitors of the human enzyme Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase and their use in metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease and oncology. The lead compounds have been identified and structural optimization has led to improved potency and biological activity without impacting selectivity or toxicity. Proof of concept studies in relevant cell lines and in disease-relevant mouse models have been performed demonstrating the validity of NNMT inhibition as a therapeutic approach for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and oncology.

At the Investor Forum there will be ample opportunity to connect with the pitch participants and investors in one-on-one meetings. This session is hosted by hosted by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Read more: https://www.dutchlifesciences.com/investors-forum

There is a breakfast and a lunch session, please read more in the conference programme: https://www.dutchlifesciences.com/programme

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