Join the Expert Class about stock options and long term incentives for founders

Join the Expert Class about stock options and long term incentives for founders

What you need to know as a founding team member about stock options and long term incentives.

Stock benefits grants represent a way of sharing in a company’s success, but for first-time entrepreneurs and early start-up employees it might difficult to understand what kind of stock benefits there are and how they work. This Expert class will explore equity from different angles and developmental stages of a life sciences company. The choices that are made at the incorporation of a company may have great impact later on. Key terms to include in a shareholders agreement, how to allocate stock benefits to founders and early team members, equity dilution from future investors  throughout the funding rounds and vesting will be discussed. But also your rights and liabilities as a shareholder will be addressed. Carine van den Brink and Marnix Posthumus Meyjes from Axon Lawyers, Anisa Kazia from EY and Sebastian Nijman, founder and CSO Scenic Biotech,  will share their insights and answer your questions during the expert class. 

The expert class program is set up in an interactive way such that the participants are asked to present in 3 slides their company and shareholder related question(s) for the experts. The experts will give you feedback on your questions.

Date and Time: 24 February 2023, 13.00 – 18.00 hrs.
Venue: Axon Lawyers, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

13.00 hrs. Welcome

13.30 hrs. Start Expert Class by Leon Mur (moderator) and introduction Life Sciences@Work by Chrétien Herben

13:45 hrs. Presentations by Marnix Posthumus Meyjes, Attorney at law at Axon Lawyers, Anisa Kazia from EY and Sebastian Nijman, Founder and CSO Scenic  Biotech

15:30 hrs. Discussing shareholder related cases per participant, 3 slides per participant:
- 2 slides with overview company (product, market, history)
- 1 slide with your shareholder related question

17.00 hrs. Drinks offered by Axon Lawyers

18.00 hrs. End of Expert Class

LifeSciences@Work Expert Classes are a series of targeted (virtual) workshops organized in close collaboration with industry and academic experts

  • The small-scale and personalized Expert Classes welcome Venture Challenge Alumni, Value Centre Alumni and NWO Take off Alumni.
  • New early startups not (yet) part of our LS@W community but interested to join are also very welcome, provided there is a match with the LS@W community profile.
  • Participation is free-of-charge for startup teams.

Registration is needed to attend!

Please send an e-mail to to receive your confirmation and additional final information.

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