Partner in the spotlight: V.O. Patents & Trademarks

Partner in the spotlight: V.O. Patents & Trademarks


As a business owner, you want to meet market demand and stay a step ahead of the competition.  Patents can play an important role here.  When you are choosing the right strategy and approach it is essential that these are in keeping with your situation. You can expect us to have skilled specialists in house with knowledge about your technology or business sector.

V.O. helps a wide variety of clients in different sectors with their specific challenges. We adopt a tailor-made approach for each company where our starting point is always: IP is an important resource for enabling your idea or company to be more profitable. It is an investment that pays returns.

  • A well-considered approach to your IP strengthens the reputation of your company around the world. And that helps you to find serious partners.
  • A strong IP portfolio can contribute to the value of your business. Furthermore, your rights or issuing licences allow innovations to be more profitable.
  • Innovation often involves ups and downs: that means investing over and over again. A patent can protect your work against misuse by others.
  • Patents can attract investors: they represent financial value and reassure interested parties that your ideas are protected

Expertise in Chemistry and Life Sciences
With more than 60 patent and trademark experts, of whom 29 are specialized in Chemistry and Life Sciences, V.O. has the know-how and experience that befit a top IP firm in Europe. Our clients include universities and prominent national and international enterprises and institutions.

Full-service partner
We provide all IP services. We draft and prosecute patent applications all over the world. We assist clients in defending or attacking patents; in infringement suits and in opposition or invalidity proceedings. Other fields of activity are Freedom To Operate analysis, IP audits and Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Particularly for biotech start-ups we commit ourselves to supporting them throughout the different developmental stages of their company. We help them to integrate IP into their operational management and materialize the knowledge assets of their company.

We look forward to meeting you
More information about our services and fields of expertise can be found on our website, Are you interested in what V.O. can do particularly for you? We invite you to get in touch with us. Or just visit our booth at the Dutch Life Sciences Conference for a non-binding and exploratory talk. And if you want to know how we help our clients with their IP, we refer you to our client cases. Hopefully, these client cases inspire you to activate your own ideas in terms of IP.

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