Cyclomics: Winner of the Venture Challenge Fall 2017

Cyclomics: Winner of the Venture Challenge Fall 2017

Today at the Dutch Life Sciences Conference 2017, Chrétien Herben, director of the LifeSciences@Work Accelerator, announced Cyclomics as winning team of the 18th edition of the Venture Challenge. The start-up Cyclomics has developed a technology to measure cancer recurrence in liquid biopsies, by detection of cancer mutations in blood at single-molecule sensitivity. This way the start-up aims to improve survival for many different types of cancer.

According to the Venture Challenge jury the technological innovation of Cyclomics addresses worldwide challenges in the field of early cancer diagnosis. The team presented this high potential technology via an excellent venture plan and Q&A.

Each year millions of people die from cancer, often due to recurrent disease. To prevent recurrent cancer from becoming untreatable it should be detected as early as possible. The technology of Cyclomics addresses this burning clinical need by offering detection of cancer mutations in blood at single-molecule sensitivity, which is not reached by any other liquid biopsy test on the market. Moreover, Cyclomics provides a comprehensive test as it can detect mutations in complete genes or gene panels, ensuring secondary tumors or newly emerging tumor clones are not missed. This technology can become the first cancer diagnostic test that can be combined with portable third-generation sequencing, providing low-cost access to any diagnostic laboratory worldwide.

"Our ambition is to market our Cyclomics technology for different indications and target groups, starting with the diagnosis of head-and-neck cancer. In this way we hope to improve survival of many cancer patients worldwide,"  states Wigard Kloosterman, Principal Investigator, cancer genomics, University Medical Center Utrecht.

The Venture Challenge Fall 2017 started in September this year and came to an end today during the Dutch Life Sciences conference 2017 in Oss. Other participating teams were UPyTher, Breath Medics, Excoris, MarkMyGenes and PlatformFive. Participating in the Venture Challenge leads to clear venture plans, as well as to very well-prepared and presented pitches. The LifeSciences@Work Accelerator is powered by Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health.

Contact Wigard Kloosterman for more information about Cyclomics.

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