ABN-AMRO wants to help start-ups and mature companies

ABN-AMRO wants to help start-ups and mature companies

He came straight to the point: ‘Unfortunately, we cannot provide plain finance to start-ups. No bank is able to do that. What we can do for them, however, is search our client base for potential investors and introduce parties to each other’, Richard Nieuwenhuizen, Senior Account Manager with ABN-AMRO, stated. ‘And as innovative companies mature, we can be of increasing value to them.’

ABN-AMRO has been a partner of the Dutch Life Sciences Conference for years. Particularly in the Leiden region, the bank is active in the sector of life sciences. ABN-AMRO makes its presence in this sector very much felt. ‘We have financed buildings and laboratories, and, together with co-financer Leiden University Medical Centre LUMC, and with the help of European subsidies, we started up Biotech Training Facilities. We know this market through and through.’ It’s no surprise, therefore, to find that many of the companies at the Dutch Life Sciences Conference banks with the ABN-AMRO.

Sector-specific team

To help customers, the ABN-AMRO has set up sector-specific teams to serve the life sciences sector. ‘This sectoral approach characterises us’, Nieuwenhuizen explained. ‘Our specialists have made in-depth studies of the market and are following all developments closely. This particular market stands out because of its future-oriented views, which is why start-ups in this sector are considered superlatively creative and innovative. And the Netherlands is considered leader in the field of medical technology. It’s an exciting market to be a part of!’

Help finding a partner

Since the life sciences sector is so dynamic, creative new concepts abound. Promising young entrepreneurs are raring to go. Still, Nieuwenhuizen advises them to carefully assess the demand for their innovative products or services. ‘A brilliant idea will only be successful if the market has a definite need for it. Partnering up with the right people who can perform a thorough market analysis, is vital. We are able to help aspiring start-ups find such partners. Since our bank is so very familiar with the life sciences, health-care and high-tech markets, we have many major customers with a long-standing reputation, who are eager to invest in a good idea – provided it’s viable.’

Keeping informed

‘We are closely watching the market and continuously following all new developments that are taking place. We regularly interview clients with relevant expertise and insight to build up a comprehensive picture of how the landscape is changing.’ More information can be obtained from the sector report on medical technology and big data.

Contact Life Sciences and Health Care team, telephone +31 (0)20 3 83 13 64

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