Predica Diagnostics winner Investors Forum

Predica Diagnostics winner Investors Forum

During the Investors Forum 12 young companies had the opportunity to present their company to interesting partners and discuss their business strategy, technology direction and capital-raising plan. On stage of the 19th edition of the Dutch Life Sciences Conference, Predica Diagnostics became the proud winner of the Investors Forum Prize and was awarded a partnering ticket, national or international, with a total value of €2,500 and a half day Booster Session offered by PwC

About Predica Diagnostics
Predica Diagnostics BV was founded as a startup from the RadboudUMC. Their mission is to develop and market reliable and commercially viable IVD tests that contribute to early cancer detection and improve treatment efficiency in oncology. Predica will accomplish this goal in close collaboration with centralized laboratories, doctors and other stakeholders. Their flagship product, CervicaDx, will prevent overdiagnosis of women participating in population based cervical cancer screening programs, taking away unnecessary worries of HPV+ tested but healthy women, and reliably identify the women who need referral to a gynecologist, thereby streamlining the screening process and reducing redundance. In future, their dedicated cancer tests, all based on our proprietary platform teachnology, will guide oncologists in decision-making for the most effective, patient-specific treatment protocol.

Investors Forum
The Investors forum is an exciting opportunity for those young companies (< 5 years) looking for equity capital and/or partnerships with companies and institutes across the life sciences value chain, from biotech, medtech and pharma companies to financiers and universities.

If you are interested in participating in the Investors Forum on December 12, 2024, please contact Miranda de Regt at

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