Pitching company Incircular in the spotlight

Pitching company Incircular in the spotlight

Incircular holds the exclusive license for the INCYPRO technology. The Incircular team is seeking new partnering opportunities where they provide robust INCYPRO proteins that easily withstand the required conditions for a specific application.

While the team offers their technology and competencies to the biotech and pharma industry in R&D collaborations, they are also developing an internal pipeline of stabilized proteins, which includes:

  • A protein therapeutic lead. A human signaling protein involved in the reduction of inflammation in autoimmune conditions.

  • A protein therapeutic biobetter. An enzyme for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and lymphoblastic lymphoma (LBL).

  • An enzyme used as reagent in biotechnology that can improve process efficiency and sustainability

Join the Investor Forum on December 7 to meet with the team from Incircular and our other young entrepreneurs who will be pitching.

Register now, the conference is expected to be fully booked again this year: https://www.dutchlifesciences.com/registration

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