Pitching company GeneScape in the spotlight

Pitching company GeneScape in the spotlight

GeneScape was born out of the need to reliably quantify and describe specific rare disease patient populations that are the focus of emerging and innovative therapies in development. The primary technology revolves around biology and genetics information systems and data harmonization/alignment, as well as harnessing state-of-the-art machine learned algorithms.

GeneScape’s first product, now in its second version, provides integrated data analysis for population genetics modelling for inherited rare diseases, primarily suitable for autosomal recessive indications. Their second product in development is the Virtual Patient Database for inherited retinal disease, a primary therapeutic area for leading genetic therapies in development.

Join the Investor Forum on December 7 to meet with the team from GeneScape and our other young entrepreneurs who will be pitching.

Register now, the conference is expected to be fully booked again this year: https://www.dutchlifesciences.com/registration

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